‘Apex Legends’ characters that are near development completion

Respawn Entertainment is always busy with adding more content for Apex Legends. On the other hand, players are busy uncovering what’s to come in the game through datamining.

Just recently, dataminers leaked what seemed to be a huge list of upcoming characters for Apex Legends. Unless Respawn Entertainment changes its release format, it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting more than one hero per season. Of all those heroes, some are sure to be coming within the next couple of seasons. Here’s who might arrive in the game soon.


According to dataminers, Valk is nearing completion. The developers already have her appearance and abilities in check. There’s a good chance that she’ll be the next hero coming next season.

Upon checking her abilities, Valk is a legend unlike any other. She can hover in the air for periods of time, making her a character with high mobility. She can basically get the high ground whenever she pleases. Her entire kit is based on giving her team better mobility, so she’s a must, especially for large maps like World’s Edge.

Better image to prove it’s real from ApexUncovered


Based on the leak, Ash is going to be the hero coming during the 10th season of the game. However, based on how prominent she is in Apex Legends already, there’s still a chance that she’s already coming soon. Players that finished the Broken Ghost questline last season will be familiar with Ash already.

Her kit isn’t on the datamine yet, but this will likely appear there once the eighth season of the game arrives. Many expected her to be the addition for season seven, but surprisingly, she was missing in action.


In between Asha and Valk is Blisk. Not much is known about Blisk as well. For all players now, his icon could just be a placeholder for the actual legend. Like Ash, we’ll most likely see his kit and other assets arrive in the game at a future asset.

Players should take this and the leaks with a grain of salt. It’s not the first time that Respawn Entertainment has thrown a distraction in our way to dupe us into thinking that we’re getting another hero. Players also have to consider a change of plans for the developers along the way.

The good news is that Respawn Entertainment already has a good plan for Apex LegendsWe pass the halfway mark of the seventh season of the game. Players are excited to see who’s coming next to this battle royale.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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