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‘Apex Legends’ cheaters receive 10,000 minutes penalty


Apex Legends recently had a huge wave of players using exploits to win the game. Respawn is finally punishing players for using multiple exploits to win.

There are Apex Legends hacks and exploits that are patched up easily. But, there are glitches that might take a while before getting a fix.

The recent exploit allows users to move under the map and farm wins. On rank games, these hackers often receive hundreds of points by walking under the map.

Another exploit gives players the ability to use their skills multiple times without a cooldown. This is a big deal as it gives a huge mismatch against opponents who rely on skill timing to win.

Cheaters out for 10,000 minutes

Respawn handed hackers a 10,000-minute ban for using exploits to win games. The developers are banning players for a week in hopes of stopping them from using hacks.

Players posted on social media that they did nothing to receive such punishment. Others claimed that it was a mistake and it might be a bug.

However, Respawn’s Conor Ford, tweeted that “justice is served today” pertaining to cheaters who worked their way up in several matches.

There are mixed reactions when it came to the penalty. Some commented that the punishment is too harsh. Meanwhile, others think that it is not enough.

Having a one week ban allows players to think of twice about using exploits again. But, there is still a good chance that they might use it again.

Vague punishment for cheaters

The 10,000-minute ban is vague as well. It does not state if it is in-game minutes or regular hours.

If it is the first one, then players will have to stay in the lobby while watching the countdown go by. However, the lobby closes in five minutes whenever it detects that a player is AFK.

This means that cheaters will have to babysit their game in order to reduce the punishment time.

However, if it is the latter, then sitting out for a week without playing the game might be a very minimal punishment.

Hackers always find a way to play. They can easily create another account and play the game as if nothing happened.

Moreover, some players think that the ban should have included rank reduction. Cheaters who farmed RP by illegitimate wins must be stripped off their current rank and thrown into bronze or silver lobbies.

With this method, hackers may still try to climb up the rank system by playing legitimately.

Meanwhile, some suggestions include a Season-long ranked game ban. This forbids them from playing ranked games until the Season resets.

Apex Legends hackers still pose a threat

The recent announcement is for players who glitched their way into the top. But, there is no announcement yet regarding hackers who use aimbot and wallhacks.

These types of cheaters are still prevalent in diamonds to predator lobbies. It is not that much seen on lower tiers as they can easily climb bronze to platinum lobbies.

Nonetheless, Apex Legends did a great job of preventing cheaters. But, Respawn must put up a better way to prevent it from happening. Pit cheaters against cheaters perhaps?

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