‘Apex Legends’: Completing the first quest

A lot has changed in Apex Legends since the introduction of the fifth season titled Fortune’s Favor. One of the biggest additions is a series of player versus enemy quests that reward players with a lot of in-game goodies.

As of May 19, The First Piece mission in Apex Legends has been unlocked. This means players can finish and complete the first of nine PVE missions in the game. Here’s how players can start and finish The First Piece quest.

Starting The First Piece quest

Players won’t be able to fully complete the quest unless they have collected treasure packs first. To collect treasure packs, players simply need to play any game mode aside from practice, of course. Treasure packs can be obtained from loot bins, and they contain all sorts of rewards. The catch is that only one treasure pack can be obtained each day.

Players will need to collect a total of five packs before they can participate in The First Piece quest. They can join other players on their mission, but they won’t be able to proceed with the other missions unless they have collected five treasure packs first. The same conditions have to be met for the other missions.

Finishing The First Piece quest

Players will start the quest by picking one of the characters in Apex Legends. Everyone except Loba and Revenant is available. All characters will start off with armor, a Mozambique Shotgun, and a P2020, as well as some healing items.

Players will start off on the end of the tunnel on the left side of artillery. They’ll be attacked by prowlers almost immediately. Players simply have to pass through the tunnel.

In the next area, players should head inside the huge warehouse as there will be some armor and weapon upgrades available for players. Then, they should then follow the marker to begin extracting the first piece. Once the excavation tool has been started, players will need to hold their ground as many prowlers will begin attacking them.

Once the extraction is finished, players will be given a few minutes to head to the top of the warehouse they went through to finish the quest. There will be a lot of prowlers on the way out of the players, so they should come prepared.

There will be eight other quests coming in the following weeks, so players should begin collecting treasure packs in Apex Legends so that they can participate immediately once the quests arrive.


Image used courtesy of Rokas Tenys/Shutterstock

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