‘Apex Legends’ could be getting paintball LTM

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends gets a ton of content updates throughout the year. Of all that they add, fans usually have fun with the LTMs or limited-time modes in the game.

In Apex Legends, LTMs are special modes that players can access for a certain amount of time currently. One example of this is the recent Armed and Dangerous mode for Crypto’s Town Takeover event called Lost Treasures.

As expected, there are more LTMs to come this year. According to a recent datamine, one of the special modes highly resembles paintball.

Paintball LTM coming soon?

For the most part, the LTMs in the game has been received well. Players do enjoy the modes, but they have commented that the LTMs only change up the regular mode a bit. If the leaks are true, then the Paintball LTM might be a unique experience in the game yet.

Popular community data miner Biast12 has discovered that there are several lines of code in the game that point to paintballs being added soon. Aside from the said above, the code also features lines that point to various colors of paint, including purple, yellow, and green. It also seems like players can opt to shoot randomized colors.

Some fans believe that this might not be a new LTM in Apex Legends. They said that this could be an actual hop-up in-game that players can use to target and track down anyone that’s hit.

Some players have also uncovered that the paintball hop-up will make its way to the Quests in the game. If so, this will be an interesting addition.

More LTMs in the works

Aside from a potential paintball LTM, other data miners have uncovered more lines of codes that hint at other interesting new modes.

Prominent data miner Shrugtal says that some lines of codes in the game point to a Dark Souls style LTM. In the upcoming LTM, there will be campfires around the map that could provide protection and healing to players. No other codes are added, yet so this new LTM might still be months off. The paintball LTM could come sooner, though.

Apex Legends and its LTMs give players a more enjoyable time. So far, the popular LTMs include Armed and Dangerous, Dummy’s Day Out, and Solos. Hopefully, one of the new upcoming LTMs provides enough variation from regular games, so players have more fun again.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends / Official EA Site

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