‘Apex Legends’ cross-play is coming, but when?

Apex Legends cross-play is coming, but when?

Respawn announced that cross-play is coming for Apex Legends. PC players and console gamers may now have the chance to play against each other.

Apex Legends is one of the hottest battle royale titles today. It is available on PC through Origin, on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. However, there is no way for players to play against each other if they’re on a different platform.

But, the good news is Respawn has confirmed that cross-play functionality will be available this fall 2020. Unless there are delays due to the pandemic, the update may arrive next month until November.

Season 6 “Boosted” recently dropped. But there is no update on the upcoming feature. There are speculations on how the feature rolls out, nevertheless.

Apex Legends has aim assist for controller players

How does cross-play work?

There are speculations that the upcoming cross-play is not what players are expecting. Some rumors point out that the cross-play functionality is between game launchers. It is not between two different platforms.

The game is coming to Steam soon. That being said, cross-play might mean that Steam players may play against Origin players.

Meanwhile, consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile will have to go against each other.

If that is the case, then it will disappoint fans as they are pretty much expecting cross-platform matchmaking.

The upcoming feature should pit consoles against PC players. But with proper adjustments.

PC players may use controllers in-game. But, consoles do not support keyboard and mouse input.

One thing that Respawn can do is to detect which PC players are using controllers and match them against console players.

There is a significant advantage for mouse and keyboard players due to a more precise aiming and controls. However, controllers have aim assist to aid them in-game.

Either way, Apex Legends cross-play is coming anytime this September to November. Players must prepare as it is a big change coming to the game.

Images used courtesy of Origin, Nikita Kostrykin/Unsplash

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