‘Apex Legends’ dev confirms Switch version still on the works

Apex Legends dev confirms Switch version still on the works

Last June, Respawn announced that ‘Apex Legends’ would have a Nintendo Switch version coming soon. However, the developers are mum on the progress.

Until recently, Nintendo Switch players have no idea when the port is coming. The recent launch of Apex Legends cross-play put high hopes of the Switch version coming. But that does not seem to be the case.

According to Chad Grenier, Respawn game director, the Switch port is still a work in progress. It seems like he and other developers are tight-lipped on the matter, as mentioned in his tweet.

With cross-play coming by tomorrow, Grenier’s confirmation gives high hopes to Nintendo Switch players interested in joining the battle royal.

PC and console cross-play coming tomorrow

The Apex Legends Aftermarket event is coming tomorrow. Alongside the seasonal collection event, cross-play is finally in the game.

This new feature allows friends from console and PC to finally play with each other. With its introduction, the Nintendo Switch version might be part of the cross-play as well.

Respawn laid out conditions for the cross-play to allow fair play. There is a significant advantage for PC players due to the precision of mouse and keyboard usage.

Apex Legends for Nintendo Switch might join cross-play soon

However, console players have an aim assist, which helps them track enemies.

Cross-play only kicks in whenever a player in a party is from a different platform to prevent players from having a disadvantage. Once the conditions are met, the matches will be done on the PC side.

Console players who party up with fellow console players will be queued to the console servers.

Apex Legends aims to reduce queue time with the implementation of cross-play. Though not yet permanent, this might give the game the new kick it needed to remain on top.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends, Andrew Mantarro/Unsplash

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