‘Apex Legends’ developers confirm fix to two Legends

'Apex Legends' developers confirm fix to two Legends

Apex Legends characters, Pathfinder and Revenant, are expected to receive an exploit fix anytime soon. Both legends have been receiving reduced damage from Caustic’s Nox gas.

Caustic traps and his ultimate is one of the most annoying skills in-game. His skills can easily slow, trap, and damage other Apex Legends characters.

However, it is recently discovered that Pathfinder and Revenant do not experience the same amount of damage as others.

Apex Legends Caustic has reduced damage to Pathfinder and Revenant

Reduced damage is not part of the lore

There are speculations on why this was added in-game. Some consider it part of the legend’s lore as both characters are not human. Thus the gas traps and Nox gas does not damage the two legends.

Respawn quickly debunked the speculation. The developers posted an update on their Trello board. They said that the reduced damage for Pathfinder and Revenant is unintentional.

An investigation is going on for the damage exploit. With that being said, an update will be released soon.

Another Revenant bug silences teammates

It looks like Revenant is the home of bugs nowadays. The legend has another bug besides the one mentioned earlier.

Revenant’s tactical silences enemies in an area of effect. But that is not the case with the current bug.

Redditor “FoxyFry” posted a clip showing Revanant’s skill disabling a teammate Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone. That should not be the case as it should only affect enemies.

Friendly Revenant silence cancels Lifeline’s drone ress – bug? intended? from apexlegends

Players discovered the bug in the firing range. Luckily, it is not a rank game, or else the precious RP would have gone to waste.

There are speculations that the interaction of the two skills is intentional. It is a reasonable speculation. Reviving with both skills active might be too overpowered.

There is no evidence yet if other legend’s tactical also affects the drone resurrection.

Other Apex Legends bugs are under investigation

There are more bugs plaguing the game today. Another one surrounds the legend, Lifeline, and her D.O.C drone. The bug renders her tactical useless on some games.

According to a Reddit user “malonerz134,” the bug started to happen on the updated D.O.C drone.

What happens is the drone slowly goes higher and higher until it is rendered unusable. This is crucial as the drone going up shows the location of the players. Other than that, users are not able to maximize the drone’s healing capability.

There is an investigation going on for the bug. However, some players took the matter into their own hands. There are players who replicated the bug.

The results show that players must refrain from using the drone on slopes. A player must refrain from standing on the drone as well.

There are no fixes yet for this bug as of the moment. Apex Legends developers are closely monitoring the bugs.

Images [1] & [2] used courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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