‘Apex Legends’ developers explains Spitfire buff

Apex Legends developers explains Spitfire buff

When Apex Legends Season 6 dropped, a new Legend and weapon landed. There are several weapon changes as well.

The Spitfire has been in Apex Legends since Season 0. The light machine gun has been a hit or miss for some players due to its recoil and fire rate. It does have a huge mag size to compensate for that.

However, when Season 6 launched, Respawn decided to give the Spitfire its needed buff.

The buffed Spitfire has been easier to control. The unstable recoil is now gone. Plus, the weapon is a great accompaniment to the new Legend, Rampart. It works well with her passive.

But for some players, there are a lot more changes to the Spitfire besides the better recoil control.

Apex Legends weapon Spitfire is now easier to control

Respawn developer clears what changed with Spitfire

Respawn game designer, David Bocek, confirmed that there are indeed some changes into the weapon.

Going by the name, u/AmusedApricto, Bocek answered the question in the Apex Legends official subreddit.

According to Bocek, “It was just a reduction in the multipliers for the vertical and horizontal kick, but not an adjustment to the pattern itself.”

“The horizontal recoil was buffed a little more than vertical,” he added.

Bocek explained why the developers decided to make the change.

“The high mag size with worse TTK is a combo that is better for non-high skill players,” he said.

The gun’s horizontal recoil is harder to control compared to its vertical one. Thus, Respawn decided to buff the horizontal axis and make it more beginner-friendly.

The developer also clarified that the buff was not made to demean high-skilled Spitfire lovers. But it is just natural to target beginners ars high-skilled players can easily go for any gun they prefer.

Respawn did not focus on Spitfire alone. Several Apex Legends weapons such as the Hemlok and Prowler felt more viable this season.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/in-game screenshot

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