‘Apex Legends’ developers speak up about leaked Rampart abilities

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Apex Legends is nearing its sixth season, and fans are already excited about what’s next for the battle royale. Aside from a possible new map, the next season will also have a new character that fans can’t wait to play.

Now that Apex Legends Season 5 is ending, players of the game are once again scouring for every possible clue as to what’s next. A recent leak says that Rampart is the next character. Her abilities have been leaked as well. Now, the developer is speaking up about the leaks.

Devs speak up

Respawn Entertainment’s Tom Casiello has been vocal towards fans. He has even been conversing with them via Twitter about the future of the game.

During a recent Q and A, Casiello was interrupted with the alleged leaked content for Rampart and her abilities. Casiello fires back, saying, “Watch. Next, I bet he tells you Revenant’s original name was Nomad.”

Casiello dismisses the leaks, saying that the build was for an old version of Rampart. This means that even if Rampart were the next hero to be added to the battle royale, she’d likely have a different set of abilities.

Why is the leak worrying?

Fans have commented that Rampart’s leaked abilities felt too overpowered for Apex Legends. Most particularly, making her Ultimate Ability, a Mounted Heavy Gun, could potentially imbalance the game. These types of abilities have always been looked down on in other shooters.

For instance, there’s Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege, and Bastion in Overwatch. If Respawn Entertainment were to add such a hero, she’d surely be met with bad reception.

Her other abilities are not too overpowered and perhaps deserve a place in the game. However, her Fixer tactical ability, which allows her to fix ally structures, feel problematic. For now, the only characters with destructible structures are Revenant, Wattson, and Loba. This makes Rampart a situational pick.

We’ve yet to know who the next character for the game is, but fans are expecting that the developers balance them out well first. Balancing has always been an issue with newly released heroes for the battle royale, but maybe this time, they are more prepared.

The fifth season of Apex Legends will be over in a few weeks. Players can expect to see teases and potential clues for the next lineup of content pretty soon. Aside from a new character, fans are also expecting a new map and a new weapon.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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