‘Apex Legends’ devs say hackers “gained nothing of value”


Apex Legends devs say that hackers “gained nothing of value,” referring to their move to hack the game in protest of the sad state of Titanfall.

Respawn devs underscore that the hackers won’t get what they want by hacking Apex Legends. According to Respawn director of Communications Ryan Rigney, this is because they already addressed the situation before.

Rigney notes that they are doing their best, berating what the hackers did. Even then, it seems the entire ordeal helped the hackers get the attention they needed.

Titanfall dying as Apex gets hacked

Over the past weekend, Apex received a series of hacks on the game. Among those were DDoS attacks on the network, together with replacing the server playlist with a message. The messages reference, together with the phrase “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.”

Titanfall has a chronic hacker problem and many of the players feel that Respawn abandoned the title. Reddit has its own thread for the entire event, including the frustration felt by players. Respawn eventually took control of the situation.

In a message posted on Twitter, Rigney released his frustrations over a message chain. Known for his disdain for hackers, he gave everyone a piece of his mind.

“Nobody wants to hear devs complain when DDoS attacks are still a problem we haven’t solved. But this article is right,” said Rigney, referencing an article from TheGamer. “I was holding my newborn nephew when I found out about the Apex hack. Had to hand him back, go work, and miss out on a day with family.

“Also: Sunday’s attack was tied to an awareness campaign that we’ve already publicly acknowledged. […] The problem’s not awareness. It’s that DDoSing in particular is just a hard problem to solve. Really hard.

“The team has never stopped working on DDoS solutions, and anti-cheat is just a never-ending war of whack-a-mole. On the DDoS front, we WILL solve this. When we do, I promise you it won’t be because hackers “made us aware” by ruining a holiday. They achieved nothing of value.”

Hacks point to potential vulnerability to Respawn titles

It’s a shame that Apex Legends got hacked over the weekends – and during a holiday to boot. Devs should not do work on a Sunday due to hackers. Even then, this seems to be a symptom of a bigger problem.

From what it seems, Respawn titles quite the number of vulnerabilities. The devs being unable to resolve these with their system means they either need more people or look at better solutions.

Titanfall 1, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends would need better solutions. The hackers got the attention that they want, but whether it creates the resolution they need.

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