‘Apex Legends’ drops clue on the next legend and map

Apex Legends drops clue on the next legend and map

Apex Legends has dropped the last chapter of the season 5 quest. The ending brings in a surprise reveal of the next legend and upcoming map changes.

The Apex Legends season 5 “The Broken Ghost” quest follows the story of Loba. It explores her story as she tries to avenge her family from Revenant. However, there is a lot more to it than the usual revenge story.

Respawn teased the next Legend, Ash, at the end fo the quest. It is revealed to be the artifacts being collected all throughout the missions.

Apex Legends goes to Octane's hometown

Apex Legends welcomes you to Olympus

During the ending, Ash came to life and said, “Welcome to Olympus.”

Octane and Lifeline had a quick talk towards the end of the episode. It is implied through their conversation that the games will move to Olympus.

The interaction caused fans and players to speculate that a new map is coming. Both Lifeline and Octane came from Olympus as told in their conversation.

Olympus is a fictional city located in Psamathe. It might sound new to those who just started the game recently. However, the tease has been out since the beginning of season 4.

What makes it relevant is the history of Legends that are connected to Psamathe.

It is the place where Octane and Lifeline are born as mentioned earlier. But besides that, it is also the place where Loba’s parents were murdered by Revenant. Hence, it likely that the story continues to the new planet.

Olympus tease might be a shift in storyline

If the new teaser does not talk about the actual battle royale, there is a high possibility that the season 6 quest will take place there instead.

However, the previous lore mentioned that Psamathe is a peaceful place. It is difficult to host a huge battle considering the location.

With that being said, a single-player mission quest on the map is a plausible answer. Players might see legends take turns in unfolding the story next season.

Apex Legends welcome another simulacrum

Who is Ash?

Players who came from Titanfall 2 is already familiar with Ash. She is a simulacrum similar to Revenant.

The Titanfall 2 Ash makes Revenant a novice. It would be nice if she is brought to Apex Legends with the ruthless character intact.

Her history is tragic. She lost her body after having a fatal injury. That is when her mind was transferred into a robotic body.

It is interesting to see what Ash will bring to the Apex games. There are no teasers regarding her skills yet and everyone has to wait.

Bangalore set to take the limelight next season

There is no direct announcement yet on whether Bangalore will be the star next season.

However, Apex Legends writer Tom Casiello replied to a tweet with a small teaser on what is coming next.

Casiello implied that there are good things to coming to the female legend soon.

It might mean a different thing though. Bangalore has note received any buffs or notable changes in recent patches.

The quest might be considered good news. But gameplay changes to Bangalore might be a better choice.

Besides, it is still unclear what Bangalore will do on Olympus. Having her as the main focus remains a mystery.

Apex Legends has a very interesting lore that dates back to Titanfall. It is exciting to see that Respawn is finally bringing lore-related content. This move takes out the dullness that season 5 has offered so far.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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