‘Apex Legends’ DUMMIEs Big Day LTM is back

Apex Legends brings back the DUMMIEs Big Day limited-time mode for the second time around.

Respawn started the Apex Legends September Soiree event with the DUMMIEs Big Day LTM. However, the game was met with several bugs and the developer had to pull it out.

Now, the game mode is back as the second-to-the-last event for the month.

Legends equipped with random skills

This LTM is one of the fan favorites. It introduces a different mechanic to every player.

Instead of having the usual tactical, passive, and ultimate. Legends all have the same skillset. They have a tactical that drops loot, an unknown passive, and an ultimate that is completely random.

Each player also takes the look of the dummies found in the in-game firing range.

No legendary skins are available. But, it surely brings in a lot of crazy fun.

September soiree lineup

The Armed and Dangerous LTM started last week. It gives players a Mozambique shotgun by default. There are no other guns to loot except for shotguns and snipers.

This LTM is a great training ground for those who need to hone their shotgun and sniping skills. It is also a good game mode to rake in some Season 6 Battle Pass missions.

Apex Legends also count limited-time events when it comes to badges. The 2K damage badge and higher can easily be accomplished through these events.

Unfortunately, it might take a while before another Armed and Dangerous event comes up.

King’s Canyon: After Dark was also part of the September lineup. This gives players the chance to play on the pre-season 5 King’s Canyon map but in the dark.

What’s next after DUMMIEs Big Day?

According to some data miners, the last event for September would be “LIVE. DIE. LIVE.” This LTM changes the revive mechanic in-game.

Instead of using Respawn beacons, dead teammates are automatically revived when the next ring closes.

Despite the data miners’ claim, it might be a different game mode as there is still a lot to choose from.

Deja Loot and Third Person perspective game modes haven’t been included for quite some time.

Apex Legends Halloween event coming up

The majority of games such as Fortnite often include seasonal events. Last year, Respawn did the same with the Fight or Fright event.

Data miners tried to search for clues regarding the next event. They discovered interesting codes and skin names in the game files.

The Halloween event has no official name yet but it seems like new skins will be available soon. A Shadow Royale game mode might be introduced next month alongside those skins.

Some mined skin names might be called “Forged Knight”, “Hallowed Spirit”, “Jaded Myth”, “Curse of the Awaken”, and “Slayers Lancer.”

However, there are no clues yet on which Legends will have the skins.

Moreover, the Shadow Royale game mode is possibly a reworked Shadowfall game mode. The main difference is the addition of the distress beacon.

Besides the skins, a Halloween event is a great way to grab some exclusive items such as limited event charms.

Apex Legends has not disclosed any information yet. But it is surely preparing for a huge event next month.

Featured image courtesy of ZaddyTube/YouTube Screenshot

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