‘Apex Legends’ EA Reveal: Lost Treasures details for June 23 release

'Apex Legends' EA Reveal: Lost Treasures details for June 23 release

The big Apex Legends EA reveal is coming next Tuesday, June 23. Here are the details revealed by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment was first in the roster to present during the EA Play Live 2020. Game Director Chad Granier did the honors to introduce the upcoming Apex Legends Season 5 collection event called Lost Treasures.

The introduction then proceeded with a “First Look” preview of what’s to come on June 23.

Apex Legends Season 5 added content

Next week, players of the EA BR game should expect lots of changes, starting with the addition of a limited-time mode titled “Armed and Dangerous Evolved.”

Also, Lost Treasures will introduce a new Town Takeover—Crypto’s Map Room. Two Legendary Weapon skins are up for grabs in the Exclusive Event Prize Track.

Players will also find 24 event-limited premium cosmetics in Lost Treasure Event packs. In addition, when players do successfully unlock the 24 Lost Treasure cosmetic packs, they’ll be treated with a Mirage Heirloom set totally for free.

There’s a new tab to be added which will be called “SpecialOffers,” this is where players can find the new Rare skins and charms as seen featured during the EA Play Live trailer drop.

It’ll have seven new additional cosmetics for 500 Apex coins and will run from June 23 to July 7 only.

Diving deeper with “Armed and Dangerous Evolved”

Moreover, there are new details to take note of with the return of “Armed and Dangerous Evolved.”

For those who aren’t longtime players of the game, it’s a sniper or shotgun-only mode. However, this time around, the mode will come with a twist.

All armors will only be Evo Armor and players will be dropped with it at the start of the game. This will give players the added challenge to combat for higher armor tiers.

Also, the Respawn Beacons around the map will be removed. In its place, the devs introduce a new item loot called “Mobile Respawn Beacon.”

Players will instead be able to call on this device at any time and will be able to choose when and where they want to bring their teammates back into the game.

It is important to note that while the Lost Treasure is ongoing, this miniature Respawn Beacon will only be available in “Armed and Dangerous Evolved.” Nevertheless, once the event is done, the handy device will be added to the regular loot pool bot in Public and Ranked matches.

Also, one of the big EA reveals for Apex Legends is its cross-play expansion this Fall, including Nintendo Switch.


Images courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot

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