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‘Apex Legends’ fan-made video impresses Respawn


Hardcore Apex Legends fans showcase their dedication to the game through fan-made videos. After Bloodhound, Pathfinder gets the spotlight this time.

YouTube creator, Tenpidan, posted his take on Pathfinder’s origin story today. The Apex Legends player also posted the clip on the game’s official subreddit where it impressed Respawn developers.

Tenpindan focuses on Pathfinder’s search for his creator. The robot’s lore and in-game quips often revolve around it looking for its owner.

There are no clues on its owner’s whereabouts, yet it is interesting to see that a simple letter kickstarts the robot’s journey to the Outlands.

The premise of the origin video seems simple, but the smooth animation makes it worth watching.

Memes and in-game references

Another witty addition to the video is the character interaction. Marvin, Pathfinder’s name, often asks its fellow Legends if they have seen its maker.

However, the robot gets disappointed with their answer.

The video also shows how innocent the robot is. One instance highlights Pathfinder giving a high five to its enemy.

Memes are also part of the short video. This is evident with how Wraith quickly dies while in front of the robot. The short interaction mimics how the community sees Twitch streamers using Wraith.

There is a connotation in the community that TwitchTV streamers quit immediately once down. Eagle-eyed viewers quickly saw that reference.

Besides the memes and interactions, players who viewed the clip felt at home due to how other Legends were shown.

Moving on, the series of fan-made videos kicked off with Bloodhound. GoldenLane Studios posted a short cinematic video of Bloodhunter slaying other Legends.

With the positive feedback Respawn gave to the creators, it seems like there are more Apex Legends fan videos popping up soon. Plus, a Pathfinder lore book is also in the works.

Featured image used courtesy of tenpindan/YouTube Screenshot

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