‘Apex Legends’ final quest for Broken Ghost now live

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment shook things up this season with the addition of quests. The Broken Ghost storyline added a new depth to the game, and it has finally reached its conclusion.

After weeks of anticipation and treasure pack collecting, we’ve finally reached the end of the Broken Ghost storyline. This is the first quest for Apex Legends, and needless to say, the added lore did well for the game. Here’s everything there is to know about the last quest.

How to complete the final quest

To participate in the final quest, players will need to have collected al 45 treasure packs in the game. The good thing is that there are still 28 days left in the season. Unless players have gotten less than 17 at this point, then they can still complete the entire storyline.

The final mission called Ashes to Ashes differs from others simply because it has a different setup. This time around, players don’t have to hold their ground as they dig up an artifact in King’s Canyon. Instead, they’ll have to make their way to a certain point in the map, but there won’t be waypoints to guide them.

Players will eventually reach a broken robot. In it, they’ll place the head, which ends the mission and initiates a cutscene. This signifies the end of Broken Ghost.

After completing it, players will be given a special Legendary Charm, which is the robot’s head. They’ll also be given a skin for the Flatline in Apex Legends.

What’s next?

The end of the Broken Ghost storyline opens up a lot of possibilities for the next season in the game. According to Respawn Entertainment, the next season puts Bangalore at the front and center of the story. We’ll most likely see the broken robot the next season as well. Some players are suggesting that it could be the next character for the game.

The next season of the game launches shortly after the end of Season 5. For now, we haven’t seen any teases in the game yet. We’ll most likely see these teases within the coming weeks.

The addition of a new storyline and a quest in Apex Legends really shaped the way players enjoy the game. Fans are hoping that the developers introduce more story elements within the next season, as it would be exciting to see more character development for our legends.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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