‘Apex Legends’: How crossplay works between PC and console players

Crossplay has been available in beta form at Apex Legends for a few weeks now. However, players have yet to fully understand how this new feature works in one of the largest battle royales today.

Apex Legends players can now play with each other regardless of the console they are playing on. There’s a bit of confusion as to how crossplay works in the game, but we’ve got the rundown on how players can party up with those on other consoles and how the feature works in general.

How does crossplay work?

Crossplay will be readily available between Xbox and PlayStation players. Since those playing on PC will be on a keyboard/mouse setup, they’ll be at an advantage. It’s only fair that they aren’t going to be a part of cross-play immediately.

However, PC players can still match up with console players. If players are in a squad with a PC player or two, they will then be able to face off against other PC players as well. As such, players need to be more aware when they are in a squad with a PC player.

Playing with PC

Even before Apex Legends Season 7 arrives, players can already enjoy crossplay with each other. However, playing with PC friends isn’t as simple as playing with a friend on a similar console.

Players will simply need to open the Find Friends function in the game. They can then search for their friend’s gamertag through there. If players are launching the game via Steam or Origin, they shouldn’t search for their console friends there as they won’t pop-up. Similarly, those on console can only search for their PC friends via the game itself.

Once in friends, players can simply invite their friends over for a match. Again, players will need to be careful against PC players.

When the Switch version arrives, it’s most likely going to be the same set up when playing with PC friends and vice versa. Since the Switch is a gaming console, it can immediately play up against PlayStation and Xbox players too.

Crossplay is a great idea for Apex LegendsNot only will the feature shorten queue times, but it can also let players enjoy the game with their friends on other platforms. The good thing is that Respawn Entertainment considered a lot of things before adding the feature, so it’s not disadvantageous for anyone.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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