‘Apex Legends’ is changing how armors work

Apex Legends is changing how armors work

There is a major change coming into Apex Legends this season. Dubbed as “Boosted,” this new season introduces changes to the armor mechanics.

Apex Legends starts with players in a dropship. Once the timer is off, players may jump and drop into any place on the map to gather their loot.

Picking an armor

However, picking an armor depends on luck. Some players take the lower tier white armor. Others are lucky enough to land on a blue or purple armor.

The colors of these armors indicate the amount of damage it absorbs. The white is the lowest, while purple is the toughest.

But, there are two special shields inside the game that players can get.

The rare gold armor provides the same amount of damage resistance to a purple armor. However, it has a special perk. Wearing a gold armor lets players heal twice as fast.

The “Evo shield” is a one bar white shield that evolves as the player lands damage. It starts as a white armor, and it can be evolved into a red armor. The red armor is 25 points tougher than the purple shield.

Apex Legends Wattson can charge shields through her ultimate

Welcome to the Armor meta

The new season armor mechanic changes the whole meta. Respawn has said in the game’s patch notes that every shield is now an Evo shield.

It might sound confusing at first. But, blue, purple, and gold shields are still available in the game. The changes just allow players to evolve the shield that they are wearing. The only exception is the gold shield.

All players get an Evo shield at the start but with zero charges. Shoot some enemies, and it evolves into a white, then blue, purple, and lastly, red.

“We think this will really help with loot availability in the early game, without requiring players to drop hot when they don’t want to,” said Respawn in the patch notes.

It is clear that Respawn wants to change how the shield works in the game. But this is an interesting solution to the problem.

Apex Legends is bringing a lot of surprises this season. This armor change is just one of the many more coming soon.

Images [1] & [2] used courtesy of Apex Legends

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