‘Apex Legends’ is the most downloaded F2P game in PS4 last year

Apex Legends, EA’s masterpiece, now holds the title of the most downloaded free-to-play game in the PlayStation 4.

Electronic Arts (EA) announced yesterday in a press release that Apex Legends was the most downloaded F2P game in 2019 on the PlayStation 4 console. It has beaten its biggest rivals, including PUBG and Fortnite.

Rise to the top

Apex Legends made a surprise release last February 2019. Its shocking revelation, the reputation of its developer, and a sophisticated marketing strategy made the game rise on top.

Since the first day it launched, Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developers, managed the game by adding new maps, new characters to play with, and generous battles passes. Aside from the success of Apex Legends, other EA games also had their share of the spotlight. Star Wards Jedi: Fallen Order has achieved the 10 million player milestone.

On the other hand, Madden NFL also has supposedly amassed the most engagements in the history of the franchise series. The developers also announced that an all-access EA Play would be coming this June despite the cancellation of the E3 annual convention.

New season

Respawn announced the coming of a new character, Loba Andrade, in the next coming days. The future is bright for Apex Legends Season 5, named Fortune’s Favor, and is ready for roll out next week.

In addition to the new character, Season 5 will feature changes in Rank mode, map adjustments, bug fixes, and new quest systems. Consistently releasing new updates and content is important if Apex Legends wants to remain on top.

The competition will be tougher for the coming months since the new Call of Duty: Blackout is nearing its launch. The new season is expected to be released on May 12.

Loba Andrade

The Season 5 trailer of Apex Legends was released just a few hours ago, which featured the upcoming hero Loba Andrade. The trailer shows Loba permeating a secret facility below Skull Town, demonstrating her skills and prowess.

The trailer clearly shows her trademark teleporting device, which allows Loba to throw an item and then warp to that location. Another ability shown in the trailer is that players will be able to steal items from enemies or even rob a gun before an enemy can use it.

Her final ability looks like a sort of explosive device. In the trailer, Loba lured robots to the bottom of the secret facility, where they were met with a bomb that wiped them all out. With just a few days before the release of Loba in Apex Legends, players will have to prepare for one nasty new hero.

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