‘Apex Legends’ leak reveals Clubs coming soon

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is growing larger by the month, and it seems like it’s far from being completed. The developers have planned a lot for this year, and some features, in particular, are highly anticipated.

Apex Legends is expanding into the Nintendo Switch later this year. Once that arrives, cross-play will be enabled for the battle royale as well. According to leaks, many other features are coming to the game.

New Clubs feature

Dataminers have uncovered that a new Clubs feature is coming to the battle royale. The community welcomes the addition of the feature. A lot of today’s multiplayer games let players create clans or guilds with other members. Doing so provides them with many bonuses, as well as the ability to squad up whenever they like.

The leaks come from prominent community dataminer Shrugtal.

We’ve yet to know exactly how the clubs will work, but players will essentially be able to form large groups. If Respawn Entertainment is going to follow in the footsteps of other guild systems, players will likely be rewarded based on their activity in the group. The Club may also be rewarded as a whole based on the accumulated activity.

What’s it for?

According to Shrugtal, the feature is to be added so that teamwork is more reinforced into the game. “The intent of the system seems to support the fact that Apex is a team game by making it easy to find similar players to party with and reduce the amount of solo queuing,” he added.

What makes Apex Legends different from other battle royales is that there’s a huge emphasis on teamwork and communication. The skills of the characters in the game are best used if players are well-coordinated.

One of the main issues with the game is the solo queue. They make it hard to win the game, as in most cases, communication is very limited. By adding Clubs, players can join large groups so that they’ll have other players to match up with.

Apex Legends is only becoming better by the month, and the addition of Clubs could shake things up even more. Fans are hoping that the Clubs feature will be added soon as it will allow them to meet up with other players online. Once the feature arrives, players can expect matches to become more competitive as well.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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