‘Apex Legends’ leak reveals new Loba skills

Apex of Legends Leak Reveals New Loba Skills

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is currently one of the best battle royales there is. With an ever-growing selection of characters, a part of the game’s appeal is figuring out who’s coming next.

The most recently added character to the game is Revenant. In his reveal trailer, fans saw a little girl who they believe would be Loba. Those who have been following the leaks for Apex Legends know that Loba has been in the game files before. With the introduction of Revenant, fans are expecting that this mysterious character will arrive soon.

While we’ve yet to see Loba officially, a few leaks have been going around the community. The latest one gives us a glimpse of Loba’s skills, and it looks like she could be shaking up the meta once she releases.

Burglar’s Best Friend

This is most likely Loba’s Tactical skill. Once used, Loba will throw a disc, and she will be able to teleport to the landing location of it. This can be used for various utilities, such as helping teammates in a pinch or even stealing loot from other squads.

However, it seems like the skills are a one-way affair, so once Loba teleport, she’ll have to find her way back on her own. This means players will have to be careful where the disc lands.

Supply For Demand

This allows Loba to find specific loot in an area. Oddly enough, it seems like this skill is a Tactical as well. There’s a chance that either this or Burglar’s Best Friend will be removed from the game.

This skill will be great for squads as it allows them to easily find the missing items from their inventories. From attachments to healing kits, Supply For Demand allows teams to be better looters.

Eye For Quality

This is most likely Loba’s Passive ability. Through it, she’ll be able to see any nearby loot through walls. Moreover, she can see whether or not loot bins have a hidden compartment to them.

Black Market Boutique

This is Loba’s Ultimate ability, and this can really spice things up during those last firefights at the last ring. When used, Black Market Boutique makes Loba place a device that can steal all nearby loot.

Smart players will save this skill for tough firefights to provide supplies for their team while depleting the resources of the squad they are up against.

Loba’s kit makes it look like she’ll be replacing Octane as the loot goblin of Apex LegendsAs these are datamined skills, players can expect to see these at some form in the game, at least. It looks very likely that players are now more excited to see Loba in the game.


Featured Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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