‘Apex Legends’ Lifeline tactical needs a little tweak

Apex Legends Lifeline tactical needs a little tweak

Apex Legends Season 6 is successful so far, except for some bugs and server issues. Legends were balanced while new weapons were added into the rotation.

The latest Apex Legends Season introduced Rampart into the hero pool. Plus, Respawn adjusted old legends in order to make them more viable.

One legend that got a buff was Lifeline. Respawn changed her tactical allowing her to resurrect teammates with her drone. The buff made her an essential part of any squad particularly in ranked.

However, players have commented that the new tactical is too powerful.

Lifeline needs a little nerf

Pro player, Nokokopuffs, posted his thoughts on Twitter in regards to Lifeline’s tactical. He said that Respawn added a game-changing buff that allows her to shoot while resurrecting.

Her previous resurrection ability gives her a shield when reviving a teammate. But, she cannot shoot while reviving.

Now, her D.O.C. allows her to move freely while her teammate gets up. If two teammates are down, she can use her drone to revive one while resurrecting the other one in a normal manner.

With that in mind, Nokokopuffs said that Lifeline “reward bad players for making bad plays.”

His statement pertains to her ability giving players the mindset that it is okay to move carelessly because Lifeline is there to revive them.

Moreover, he added that her revive, particularly her drone, needs a cooldown.

One player replied that her shield should be breakable plus her drone should have a cooldown.

Nokokopuffs countered saying that she indeed needs an instant res. However, players spamming the res on multiple teammates is the issue.

Lifeline players often revive teammates alternately while fighting a tough situation gives her alternating shields to protect her.

Respawn listens to the community when it comes to changes. If his statement gets to the developers, then Apex Legends might have a lot of changes coming soon.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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