‘Apex Legends’ Lost Treasures tips: How to dominate Armed and Dangerous

There’s a lot of new things in the Apex Legends Lost Treasures event, but what players are most focused on is the LTE mode called Armed and Dangerous. It’s a new take on the classic battle royale, so players need time to adjust.

The Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous mode do away with every other weapon in the game, aside from shotguns and snipers. Players can take the battle up close or from afar. Here are a few tips to win more in this time-restrained mode.

Swap weapons and scopes

The obvious strategy for winning this mode is to carry a shotgun for close quarter encounters and a sniper for long-range fights. An alternative strategy would be to carry snipers during the first couple of circles while the playing area is still large, and then switch to shotguns once the ring closes in.

If players want a fully balanced loadout, we suggest carrying a Longbow and a Mastiff shotgun. The Longbow should be equipped with a sniper scope early in the game. Once the ring is smaller, players can take out the scope and have the Longbow act as some sort of a shotgun instead. The Mastiff will be the primary weapon in the final circle.

Avoid Crypto’s Town Takeover

Crypto’s Town Takeover is currently a hotbed for intense battles. As shotguns are going to be very common in the mode, chances are players will be downed without them noticing it. It’s best to avoid the new Town Takeover in Apex Legends for now. It’s sure to have dozens of squads fighting to use the enemy tracker.

Hold on to Respawn Beacons

Respawn Beacons are temporarily gone, and the good thing is that the mobile Respawn Beacons allow them to revive teammates anytime, anywhere. However, since these beacons take longer to use, it’s best to hold on to them until the coast is really clear. It’s best to have no teammates temporarily other than using it when others are nearby.

We suggest using the beacon in high places, so enemy squads can’t close in unless they have a Pathfinder or an Octane in the group.

These are some of our tips for the Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous mode. It’s going to be a tough mode to come out of, but with the right techniques and practices, players can dominate easily.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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