‘Apex Legends’ Lost Treasures update now live, patch notes revealed

After some teases, the Apex Legends Lost Treasures event is now live. Aside from new map features, the update brings with it an assortment of new items to collect.

The Apex Legends Lost Treasures highlights Crypto and his town takeover. Of course, there are many other things that come in the update featuring the event. Here are the important details from the patch notes.

Armed and Dangerous Evolved

The update brings in a new event-exclusive mode called Armed and Dangerous Evolved. Like the previous iteration of this mode, players will only be able to use shotguns and sniper type weapons. This time, however, players spawn with a Mozambique and an evo shield.

Players will also spawn with a Mobile Respawn Beacon as every Respawn Beacon on the map has been disabled.

Mobile Respawn Beacon

The Mobile Respawn Beacon replaces the Respawn Beacons in the new mode. Players can use this much like any other item in the game. It’s worth noting, however, that the beacon itself takes a while to respawn, so players should first ensure that there isn’t anyone nearby if they are planning on using it.

Crypto Town Takeover

Crypto’s Town Takeover in Apex Legends Lost Treasures is located right under Repulsor. If players are able to use the room, they can point out the location of every other Legend on the map. There will be many screens scattered throughout the room that shows the number of legends per point of interest.

Legend changes

The update also features major tweaks to some of the legends. Perhaps the biggest winner in the update are Lifeline mains as she got a huge buff.

As discussed before, Lifeline will now be able to use her drone to revive her teammates. The drone will deploy a shield when used. Her care package will also drop with more attachments and healing items.

Octane is also a lot faster now. Upon using stim, any slow impairing debuffs will be removed. On top of this, stims add 10% more movement speed.

As for nerfs, Wraith mains aren’t going to like the update. To curb her exceedingly high win rates, the developers have decided to greatly weaken her Phase Walk. Now, it takes 1.25 seconds to active, and during the activation period, Wraith will be slowed down by 20%.

These are just some of the changes in the most Apex Legends Lost Treasures update. Players should read through the patch notes so that they avoid getting surprised by the major changes.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/Youtube

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