Apex Legends’ next character revealed in new story cinematic

The next season of Apex Legends is just around the corner and players are excited for a ton of new content. Perhaps what’s more exciting is the new character coming to the game once the new season arrives.

Whenever a new season of Apex Legends arrives, Respawn Entertainment expands the lore of the game. This time around, a new cinematic trailer featuring who’s most likely the next legend for the game has arrived. The new trailer called the Promise puts Dr. Mary Somers, aka, Horizon, at the spotlight.


The new trailer tells the sad story of Horizon. As per the video, she’s a scientist from Olympus. The world was undergoing an energy crisis and she along with an unnamed partner has been tasked with helping solve the problem. There was a solution to the problem but it was not easy.

Horizon and her partner went to space to capture what seemed to be an energy source. Before leaving Olympus, Horizon promised her son that she would return, hence the name.

While at the mission, Horizon was seemingly betrayed by her partner and left for dead. As she was taken to what seemed like a new world, time passed by quickly in Olympus. After 87 years, she was able to return but her son had already died.

Olympus finally coming?

The trailer teased a lot coming to the game but what’s most interesting is the huge details regarding Horizon’s world. It has long been rumored that Olympus is finally coming to the game. The place has long been a part of the lore as it’s the home world of Lifeline and Octane.

Based on the trailer, it seems like Olympus will be a world that has already been abandoned or destroyed. It’s also most likely that it will be unlike any other map available for the game so far.

Olympus could look and feel more like a city. This will be a nice change of pace as it can greatly change the game the way is played. Instead of open areas, having a ton of buildings and houses to go into will be a nice variation from other maps.

Respawn Entertainment’s latest cinematic video showcases Horizon and she’s bound for the next season of Apex LegendsFans are excited to see how this new legend plays out in the game as it seems like she’s going to have some pretty amazing skills up her arsenal.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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