‘Apex Legends’ next legend revealed in new story trailer

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is set to expand once again with the upcoming fifth season of Apex Legends. One of the biggest additions to the game is Loba, who is out for the head of last season’s addition, Revenant.

In a recent trailer by Respawn Entertainment, fans got to see what happened to Loba right after her parents were executed in the Apex Legends season four trailer. Based on what we’ve seen and from the leaks so far, the upcoming legend Loba does specialize in taking loot away from the hands of enemies.

Possible skills

The story trailer didn’t reveal much about Loba other than her background, but fans got a glimpse of what she can do. In one part of the trailer, we can see Loba using a staff or a vaulting pool to jump a good distance. This skill of hers translates pretty well into the game, as mobility is one of the defining points of the battle royale.

Using the pole, she could cover huge distances in World’s Edge or King’s Canyon. She can even use it to find vantage points for her team. Alternatively, the pole could be Loba’s Heirloom, which fans can unlock in-game.

In another part of the new Apex Legends trailer, we see Loba being able to go through from one place to another via a teleportation device. Although Wraith already has her portals to do this in the game, Loba’s teleporter could help her, and her allies sneak around more easily.

This is just the trailer, though. It seems likely that the leaks before have truly revealed what kind of abilities Loba will have at launches. When she launches on May 12, once season four begins, players can unlock her instantly for 12,000 Legend Tokens.

Map changes

Some map changes may have been teased in the trailer as well. For starters, the name Hammond Robotics appears very prominently in the trailer. Currently, Hammon Robotics has made major changes to World’s Edge. The company could be making other changes as well, but this time, it might be for King’s Canyon.

Fans are expecting the trailer for the next season to arrive next week. That trailer will most likely include a look at Loba and her skills, the changes on the map, as well as the new weapon that will be introduced in the next season.

Apex Legends season five is already ready to go, and fans can’t help but feel excited over it. For now, fans will have to make do with the Battle Armor event, which will last until May 12.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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