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‘Apex Legends’ Pathfinder is full of problems right now


Apex Legends Pathfinder received a buff during the Aftermarket Collection event update. But there are several problems plaguing the robot after.

Respawn announced that Apex Legends Pathfinder will have changes on its tactical. The much-needed change puts the robot back to the competitive scene.

That was the intention of Respawn when it pushed the latest update. However, that is not the case.

As of the moment, there are several bugs that kept on appearing on Pathfinder players. Respawn has not rolled out a fix yet.

Unplayable Pathfinder and a fake buff

The first and most annoying bug that Pathfinder has is the screen cover bug. What happens is, whenever Pathfinder grapples, the right side of the screen gets covered and leaves players unable to see.

Apex Legends is a visual game and having a huge cover greatly affects someone’s gameplay.

The screen UI only returns to normal when climbing over an object. Sometimes it disappears while running. There is no clear way to remove the bug yet.

Another annoying bug is that Pathfinder’s hands jitter when reloading a weapon. It does not happen a lot but when it does, the robot looks like it is having an anxiety attack.

The last major problem that the Legend has is the grapple cooldown.

Respawn posted on the latest patch notes that it is changing how its tactical works. From a 35-second permanent cooldown, the CD now depends on how long a player has traveled.

The cooldown should start upon landing the grapple while the computation is based on the landing place. But that is not the case.

Players report that the grapple CD starts upon landing. Slingshot grapples then resets the CD while sliding. This makes the grapple cooldown longer than the previous 35-seconds.

Apex Legends Pathfinder is a fan-favorite legend. It is a shame that the character is literally unplayable unless a player wants to throw the game.

Images courtesy of Apex Legends/In-game screenshots

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