‘Apex Legends’ Pathfinder suggestion is the best one yet

'Apex Legends' Pathfinder suggestion is the best one yet

Respawn nerfed Pathfinder when it released Apex Legends season 6. The Legend’s pick rate has been lower since then.

Apex Legends continue to balance out character abilities to make them viable in both competitive and regular gameplay.

However, Respawn adjusted Pathfinder’s tactical while providing other scout legends better abilities.

This pushed the friendly robot down the drain when it comes to playability.

Surely, skilled players quickly adjusted to the legend and the whole meta. But that does not remove the fact that Pathfinder is in a very tight spot right now.

What makes Pathfinder worse than recon scouts?

There are three scouts inside the game – Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Crypto. These legends have the ability to scout and track enemies. They can also use beacons to show the location of the next circle.

Bloodhound can check tracks left behind by opponents while showing how fresh the tracks are. Their scan easily detects enemies within the vicinity. Moreover, their ultimate provides a speed boost and reduces the tactical cooldown to six.

On the other hand, Crypto’s drone can scan beacons instantly. It can pick up banners and respawn teammates instantly as well. Once deployed, the drone can locate enemies within an area. Plus his ultimate can take down shields upon activation.

Pathfinder has no other utility besides its ultimate zipline. Its tactical has unique uses but is limited by its cooldown.

Suggested pathfinder buff

According to u/rickgotmytongue, pathfinder should have a new passive. The suggestion was posted on the Apex Legends official subreddit.


His suggestion includes giving Pathfinder a built-in 4x-10x digital threat. It can use this scope to scout enemies whenever its weapon is unmounted.

Pathfinder’s New Passive: A Built-in Digital Threat While Unarmed from apexlegends

The scope trigger will be the same as the Mirage decoy control button.

This without a doubt can provide Pathfinder its much-needed buff without changing its tactical.

Nonetheless, it seems like Pathfinder is getting a buff soon. Respawn developer Josh Medina has confirmed that the Legend is getting some love soon.

 Apex Legends is one of the games that listens to its community such as the case with the armor changes. Hopefully, the friendly robot legend can get its changes soon.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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