‘Apex Legends’ players are a bit concerned about cross-play

Respawn Entertainment is deep in its support for Apex Legends, and there are still many features planned. One of which is cross-play, but this isn’t an easy feat to achieve for any developer.

Many battle royales have gone the cross-play structure, which includes Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. Still, players are concerned that when cross-play does arrive in Apex Legends, there will be quite a few concerns to think of. Basically, Respawn Entertainment needs to do their best before implementing this.

Platform advantages

While the game will be the same throughout the platforms it is available on, players already know that there will be advantages to some. For starters, those playing on PC will have the control advantage as shooters are generally easier on keyboard and mouse setups.

Those who are going to play in the upcoming Switch version are at a disadvantage as well. The Switch doesn’t have the same processing power as the PC and current-gen platforms. Aside from better frame rates, the downgraded draw distance will also prove to be an issue on the console.

On top of all this, players are still not happy with the game’s matchmaking. Adding other consoles to the fray will make it more confusing and unfair to some.

Server issues

Despite being over a year old already, Apex Legends is still prone to server issues. Players have long requested the developers to sort these out. The truth is that Respawn Entertainment is indeed working on a solution. However, they’ve still yet to completely fix it.

It will be hard for developers to streamline the servers across all platforms. The good news is that other battle royales don’t experience any issues when cross-play is implemented, so Respawn Entertainment can probably make due as well.

What can Respawn Entertainment do?

The best way for Respawn Entertainment to avoid these issues is to make cross-play and optional features. Console players of Call of Duty Warzone are free to choose if they want to turn off matchmaking against PC players. If Respawn Entertainment adds the same features to the game, there might be fewer issues with cross-play.

Apex Legends is in for big changes. Aside from the upcoming season seven of the game, there are also many other features coming to the same. Cross-play is scheduled to release soon, as the developers have promised to release it during fall 2020.

Image used courtesy of EA/YouTube

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