‘Apex Legends’ players may see new self-revive changes, says game developer

Apex Legends players may see new self-revive changes, says game developer

Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed that changes are soon coming to the Knockdown Shield’s self-revival perk on Apex Legends.

Apex Legends follows a tier-based looting system wherein various items come in multiple levels, usually signified by a color. The higher the level, the stronger the item will be. Stronger items usually come with a special perk. A good example of this is the Knockdown Shield, which allows a player to self-revive.

Convenience or nuisance?

The Knockdown Shield is a legendary item. True to its name, this item helps players and defends them when they are knocked down. The Knockdown Shield comes in four levels. Naturally, the item will offer more protection; the higher its level is.

Level four Knockdown Shields come with a very convenient perk. Players that get knocked down will be able to self-revive thanks to this legendary item. Because of this, the shield has become quite a game changer during matches.

What many think to be a convenience is actually a nuisance to many other players. In fact, many players are taking to Twitter to demand a change for the Knockdown Shield.

Apex Legends pro player Reps recently tweeted a suggestion for Respawn to allow self-revival to happen only when a player still has surviving team members. He says that the perk is negatively affecting competitive matches.

“Make self rez only work if at least 1 of your teammates is alive. Maybe increase the speed of using it slightly. Actually so sick of this item in competitive,” he explains in his tweet while venting his frustration on the self-revival perk.

Albralelie, Reps’ teammate, also provided his input on the negative impact of the Knockdown Shield. According to the pro player, the self-revival ability is invalidating final kills and placements of other teams, even if they completely wipe out an enemy team.

An Apex Legends developer promises change

Josh Medina, a producer on Apex Legends, quickly noticed the exchange between Reps and Albralelie. He quickly tweeted his own reply, promising that they will apply some changes to the Knockdown Shield soon.

The developer didn’t expand on the changes Respawn would do on the level four Knockdown Shield. But it would most likely be a change that brings balance. This may arrive before the season ends or when the next season starts.

Respawn has definitely had a history with modifying their in-game items. A good example of this would be the body shield. The level four body shield has undergone a number of changes throughout Apex Legends’ existence. Before, it would allow players to heal twice as fast. Now, the shield enhances the healing effects of syringes and shield cells.

Players have no choice but to wait for what changes Respawn will make on the Knockdown Shield on Apex Legends. 


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