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‘Apex Legends’ pro team TSM announces roster change


Team Solo Mid (TSM) dominates the Apex Legends competitive scene. Unfortunately, TSM is parting ways with one of its mainstays.

TSM tweeted that their main Apex Legends Pathfinder player, Albralelie, is stepping down. The team cited that Albralelie is moving on to content creation and will play Valorant.

Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith was part of the TSM team who won five back-to-back titles. Besides these titles, TSM had 19 1st place finishes with Beckwith.

“This might not be a forever goodbye, but for now It’s time to explore different options for the sake of my happiness,” Albralelie said in his farewell tweet.

Are there other reasons behind Albralelie’s decision?

There are several speculations that Beckwith does not work well with Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen. Both players are talented in their own ways but there are decisions wherein the two clashes.

In his farewell post, Albralelie thanked a lot of personalities that helped him grow as a competitive player. He mentioned Jordan “Reps” Wolfe but he did not thank his former teammate ImperialHal.

This statement led to a lot of speculations that the two are not on good terms.

Albralelie denies speculations

Beckwith quickly tweeted an explanation of why Dosen was not part of his farewell post. According to Albrelelie, he only thanked the people in the scene that are closest to him.

ImperialHal has not issued any statement. However, he retweeted the latest posts of Albrelelie.

TSM is not going down anytime soon in competitive Apex. The organization has recruited Snip3down to complete its Apex Legends roster.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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