‘Apex Legends’ Pros demand bug fixes before ALGS starts

Apex Legends Pros demand bug fixes before ALGS starts

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is starting this weekend but professional players want to delay its start amid in-game bugs.

Apex Legends season 6 “Boosted” is three weeks old and it has gone a lot of changes. The Evo Armor and TTK were criticized and Respawn responded by bringing back its original values.

Casual players and professional gamers applauded Respawn for listening to its player base. However, the state of competitive Apex is still in shambles.

Bugs frustrate competitive players

Several professional players expressed their concern on social media. Their main sentiment revolves around game-breaking bugs that greatly affects the outcome of the game.

Team Solo Mid player, Reps, posted on his Twitter that ALGS should be delayed because of these bugs.

All the bugs mentioned by TSM Reps are game-breaking. Resurrecting a teammate is a crucial aspect of the game. If a bug prevents a player from doing so then it might cost them the tournament.

Another TSM player, ImperialHal, also posted a screenshot of an unreasonable end game circle on his Twitter.

For those unfamiliar, the area highlighted in green is where the next circle will end. Judging by the looks of it, only the small area near “Gauntlet” will be playable.

Respawn responds to bug fixes

Respawn producer, Josh Medina replied to a tweet tackling the portal and beacon issue. According to Medina, the team has fixed the issues. But they are yet to release the patch update.

Respawn is active in its bug fixes lately. Moreso now that the ALGS is getting near. Players must expect an Apex Legends patch in the following days or else the upcoming tournament will be a mess.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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