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‘Apex Legends’ Rampart backstory told in ‘The Endorsement’


Apex Legends tell the story of its characters through short animated videos called Stories from the Outlands. Its latest film introduces a brief history of Rampart before joining the Apex Games.

The Apex Legends short film titled “The Endorsement” teased some of her abilities. It also shows Ramya Parekh’s backstory before becoming a Legend.

It starts with Gibraltar and Bangalore drinking in Rampart’s bar. Both Legends leave, and she is visited by a gang. A fight ensues, and she reveals her weapon such as the turret and one-way shield.

The clip also talks about a mysterious figure called “Big Sister.” However, the unnamed character with the blue hair knocks Rampart unconscious.

She wakes up with her shop in flames until Kuban Blisk comes to “patch her” up. Blisk offers her a card with the Apex Games logo printed on it.

The Endorsement holds a lot of clues

Apex Legends always teases what will happen in the game. This short video shows a lot of it as well.

Despite having no official announcement, this animated video has confirmed some of the leaked abilities of Rampart.

Her tactical is rumored to be a one-way shield that amplifies damage. The clip includes a scene where she pops up a shield. She shoots her enemies through it while deflecting incoming bullets after.

She also pulls up a huge mounted turret to ward of the enemy’s robot. Rumors suggest that this may be her ultimate ability.

Another clue left is the participation of two figures, “Big Sister” and the blue-haired girl. It is likely that one of them will join the Apex Games in the future.

This is because the blue-haired girl blinked into Rampart. There is no legend with the same ability yet. She might be introduced to the game soon.

Apex Legends continue to surprise its players. The next season is coming, and Rampart’s full details might be announced days before its launch.

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