Apex Legends Rampart character trailer is out

Apex Legends Rampart character trailer is out

Respawn is fond of creating trailers for every character release. Apex Legends gets a new character as Rampart joins the battle.

Apex Legends rumors of Ramya “Rampart” Parekh has been out for several weeks now. However, all rumors are unofficial unless Respawn introduces her.

With the character trailer out, players may now take a look at her skillset.

Rampart joins the defensive squad

Apex Legends is known for its unique movement and maneuverability. There are game mechanics that make it unique from other battle royale games.

Pathfinder has grappler, Wraith has a portal, other Legends gain speed boosts.

However, some Legends are defensive. Gibraltar, for example, has a protective dome. On the other hand, Caustic plant traps that emit toxic gas when triggered.

Rampart fits right in on the defensive gameplay that some players love. The main reason is her skillset.

Respawn has finally introduced Rampart’s skills. Her abilities scream defensive camping plays. But, it is fun to see if executed properly.

That being said, here are Rampart’s three abilities.

Apex Legends welcomes Rampart and Sheila

Passive – Modded loader

This is Rampart’s passive skill. It gives her an increased mag size for an LMG weapon and her Minigun. Reloading guns is also faster due to this passive.

Tactical Ability – Amped Cover

As seen on the released trailers, Rampart puts up a fortified shield. Players shooting through it gets amplified bullets. Meanwhile, it also blocks incoming bullets.

Ultimate Ability – Emplaced MiniGun “Sheila”

Her ultimate ability allows her to put up her minigun, “Sheila.” This minigun has 150 bullet rounds. There is also a laser pointer that serves as an aiming guide.

Any teammate may use the minigun as seen on the trailers. The only downside is its long reload time. Plus, any user is exposed to enemies for standing still.

Apex Legends season 6 will be called “Boosted.” It will launch today, August 17.

Images (1) (2) used courtesy of Apex Legends/Electronic Arts

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