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‘Apex Legends’ reveals Horizon: What we know so far


Apex Legends dropped a teaser for the upcoming season 7 legend. Named Horizon, the upcoming character brings a new challenge to Apex players.

Respawn is mum when it comes to the next legend. However, Apex Legends is not safe from data miners. These leakers out searching for clues on the upcoming updates.

The latest data leak reveals seven possible Legends. It mentioned Valk as the upcoming Legend for season 7.

But that might not be the case this time, the recent firing range teaser reveals Dr. Mary Somers and she might be the next person to join the battle royale.

Who is Dr. Mary Somers?

The latest teaser challenge involves the Gravity Lift, new equipment installed in King’s Canyon, and World’s Edge. Once activated, it allows players to move vertically and move from one platform to another.

There are several gravity lifts scattered throughout the map. Once activated, players may return to the firing range and meet Dr. Mary Somers.

This teaser might be connected to Horizon’s abilities. However, there is no official update yet if it will be part of her skillset or the gravity lifts will be permanent on the map.

Speculated skillset

Popular dataminer Shrugtal has deduced the possible abilities of Horizon.

According to Shrugtal, Horizon’s tactical will be called Repulsor. This skill elevates players whenever they are near the contact point.

Her passive, Soft Landing, removes the mini stun from falling.

Lastly, her ultimate Black Hole pulls in and damages enemies at a certain radius.

Despite, Shrugtal’s great track record, these skills are still unconfirmed. Besides, Apex Legends developers love to bamboozle dataminers. Who knows? Valk might pop up next season instead.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshot, Apex Legends/In-game screenshot

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