‘Apex Legends’ reverts season 6 Evo Armor changes

Apex Legends reverts season 6 Evo Armor changes

Apex Legends released a patch update bringing back the old armor size. The changes came after heavy criticism by the pros and the community.

Respawn changed the way armor worked when season 6 came out. However, the changes were garnered mixed reactions from the Apex Legends player base. Some agreed, but the majority expressed dismay.

According to the announcement, the Evo Armor changes will remain, but the armor values will revert to how it was before.

The season 6 armor has been reduced by 25 when it first came out. The update came with new overpowered weapons as well. This meant that players could easily kill or be killed compared to before.

Respawn listens to its community

According to Jason McCord, Design Director of Apex Legends, the team has analyzed data based since season 6 arrived.

“We’ve analyzed some data and collected player feedback enough to make a decision. We are going to revert the armor values to pre-Season 6 values. This change is happening today across all platforms,” McCord said.

“We aimed to promote strategy in battlefield positioning and map control. When these tactics were executed well, but a team still outplayed you because of mechanical skill – this felt bad. In Seasons 1 – 5, we felt this balance was achieved pretty well,” he added.

McCord also mentioned, “it’s important to note that we playtested this for months internally. From those playtests, feedback was positive. But, we are a small group of people compared to the millions that play Apex Legends every day.”

He added that their skill levels were far from the whole community of Apex players. This meant that every feedback given was well-received by the developers.

Respawn ended their statement that they will continue to experiment with the game. Whatever works best with the game shall remain. But, features that are not were to be corrected.

The Apex Legends patch update included changes to some voice lines and other bug fixes.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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