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‘Apex Legends’ Season 5 introduced with new trailer


As the leaks have revealed, it is true that Apex Legends Season 5 will be dubbed as Fortune’s Favor. In a recent trailer from the developers, we get to see Loba come face to face with other legends, as well as the menace she is after.

Respawn Entertainment finally released the launch trailer for Fortune’s Favor today, and Apex Legends Season 5 is already looking exciting. Aside from showing how Loba made her way into the games, we also get to see a few things that we might see in the upcoming season.

Loba’s full skillset

Loba’s skillset was leaked a few weeks ago, and it revealed a loot stealing legend coming to the games. While her skill set looks to be inclined to acquiring loot, there are some major differences between the leaks and what her actual abilities are.

During the trailer, Loba showcases a total of three skills. First, she was able to teleport using a throwable device. This could serve as Loba’s tactical ability in the game. During an intense action scene, we can see Loba instantly stealing loot from afar. This was a part of the leaks before, and it could be her ultimate ability.

As for her passive ability, we could see Loba join the ranks of Octane and Pathfinder in terms of mobility. Using a staff, Loba was seen vaulting her way up and over enemies. This could be her passive ability in the game, which allows her to avoid enemies and get to advantageous positions.

Map changes

Although Respawn Entertainment is yet to reveal what new changes are coming to the map for Apex Legends Season 5, the trailer already teases what’s to come. While the changes were heavily focused on World’s Edge for the fourth season, the fifth season revamps King’s Canyon instead.

While under what looks to be Skulltown in King’s Canyon, Loba detonates a bomb that could have destroyed the popular hot-drop for players. As the trailer suggests, it seems like Skulltown will be in for a major facelift in the upcoming season.

Next trailer launches soon

The next trailer will fully feature Loba and her skills, as well as everything else that’s new coming to the fifth season. Since the launch trailer is already here, we can expect the gameplay trailer to drop within the coming days.

Apex Legends Season 5 begins on May 12, right after the Battle Armor event. Once the new season arrives, players should expect to see a few new skins, cosmetic items, and more in the new Battle Pass.

Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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