‘Apex Legends’ Season 5 leak reveals title and Ranked changes

Respawn Entertainment is about to close the curtain on the fourth season of Apex Legends. Although the developers have yet to reveal what’s next, some dataminers already have an idea of what’s to come.

Dataminer Suuum has revealed that the potential title of the fifth season of the battle royale is Fortune’s Favor. The title does fit well with the possible new content coming to the game. Here’s everything we know about the fifth season so far.

Why Fortune’s Favor fits

It’s rumored that the next character being added to the game is Loba, who many believe is the little girl that was a part of Revenant’s trailer for the fourth season of the game. The title Fortune’s Favor fits heavily into Loba, who’s primarily skillset is focused more on acquiring loot in the game.

While the two factors go hand-in-hand, players should still take the leaks with the grain of salt as Respawn Entertainment could be pulling a few tricks up their sleeves again. Before the fourth season arrived, it was heavily teased that Forge will be the new legend but it was just a ploy to keep player’s minds off of Revenant.

Changes to Ranked mode uncovered

It’s a given that the new season will add changes to one of the maps in the game, as well as add a new weapon and many other cosmetics in the battle pass. What else is coming to the game?

According to Suum, there will be some changes for Ranked mode as well. Just like in the previous Ranked season, the new one will still have a midseason split model when it comes to the maps. This means both King’s Canyon and World’s Edge will be in play for six weeks each.

The next ranked season will also have tweaks to loss forgiveness as a means to avoid more players for exploiting them. The leaks note that players will now still lose their Ranked Points or RP if a party member leaves the match.

The fifth season of the battle royal was expected to launch in May 5. However, it’s release was moved to May 12 to make way for the Battle Armor event (BATTLE ARMOR LINK HERE, ARTICLE NOT PUBLISHED YET). Aside from that, Respawn Entertainment also wanted to give players more time to grind their battle pass levels.

Apex Legends is set for new changes soon and players are very excited to see what’s next in the fifth season. For now, we can expect the developers to add more teases in the map for a taste of what could possibly be named as Fortune’s Favor.

Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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