‘Apex Legends’ Season 5: Tips for playing as and against Loba

Apex Legends Season 5 Fortune’s Favor is set to launch any time now, and along with it comes many new additions to the hit battle royale. Perhaps the biggest of which is the new legend Loba.

The addition of Loba in Apex Legends Season 5 simply means there’s an entirely new character for people to master. It also means that there’s a new character they need to be prepared for too. Respawn Entertainment recently revealed the gameplay trailer for Loba, and we now know how to use and counter her.

User her ultimate in certain areas

Loba’s ultimate is Black Market Boutique, and it allows her to “set up shop” for weapons and other loot for herself and her teammates. The way it works is that the boutique draws in any loot nearby.

To fully utilize this ability, players should only use it in high-tier loot areas. This increases the chances of getting better weapons in the game. Unlike in the trailer, it’s also not suggested to use the ultimate in open areas as this could draw the attention of other players nearby as well.


Burglar’s Best Friend to go in and out

Loba’s tactical ability is called Burglar’s Best Friend, and this allows her to instantly teleport a short distance. This is one of the best abilities coming in Apex Legends Season 5. 

It’s a versatile ability that can be used both offensively and defensively if players time it right. Perhaps the best use of it is to get behind enemies to ambush them. It’s worth noting that there’s an animation time after Loba uses this skill, so there will be a moment of vulnerability once she teleports. It would be unwise to charge at enemies who are aware of Loba’s presence.

Communication is key

The new legend’s passive ability lets her see the quality of loot through walls from a distance. This puts Loba and her team at an advantage when it comes to fights. While this ability benefits Loba mostly, her team can make use of it as well.

When using Loba, players can fully utilize her skillset if they communicate with each other. From telling her teammates what kind of loot there is to scouting for nearby enemies, Loba’s skillset centers around cooperation over anything else.

Apex Legends Season 5 is set to drop anytime today. Players should ready their games for the update that’s coming anytime soon.

Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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