‘Apex Legends’ season 5 upcoming map changes teased

New 'Apex Legends' upcoming map changes teased

Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, Apex Legends, is still one of the top games in the genre. Part of its appeal lies in the teases and story elements that are added to the game one piece at a time.

Apex Legends is currently in its fourth season, but that is about to end in a couple of weeks. It has become a tradition for fans to try and spot map teases and easter eggs during the transition of a new season, and it seems like eagle-eyed fans have already seen season five’s first set of teases.

‘Titanfall 2’ content coming soon

Last week, players looked at every nook and cranny of World’s Edge to find clues about next season. Their efforts weren’t put to waste, though, as they were able to find a data device around the DOME area. The device itself had the words “ACCESS GRANTED” written on it.

Upon using the device, players will get a mysterious message.

The device itself apparently came from ARES, which stands for Archaeological Research Division. For those who haven’t been playing Respawn Entertainment’s other shooter, ARES is one of the prominent companies found in Titanfall 2.

More specifically, ARES can be located in Typhon, and the company asks the players to use the Fold Weapon during one of the game’s crucial moments. ARES’ general was one of the bad guys in Titanfall 2, and he was able to escape at one part of the game. Now, it’s hinted that he is working for ARES once again.

With this tease, one of the strongest connections between Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends has been made.

Respawn Entertainment finally giving fans what they want?

Since the game launched, fans have wanted to find Titanfall content in Apex LegendsIt’s no longer a secret that the battle royale takes place in the same universe as Titanfall. In fact, some of the weapons in Apex Legends were inspired by those in Respawn Entertainment’s other shooter.

What fans really want from Titanfall 2 is the addition of the hunkering Titans in Apex Legends. Adding this element to the game will really shake up the meta, and it can help bring more exciting ways to play the game.

Other players believe that the developers are going to add a character from Titanfall into Apex Legends instead, and that doesn’t seem too far-fetched as well.

As season four is drawing to a close, we can expect to see more clues and teases in Apex Legends soon. As early as now, the upcoming season is becoming more exciting already.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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