‘Apex Legends’ season 5: What we know so far

Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale is currently on its fourth season which is about to end soon as well. Now, fans are eager to see the next legend and map changes coming to the game once Apex Legends Season 5 hits the game stores.

Apex Legends season four, also dubbed as Assimilation brought back King’s Canyon as part of the map rotation. Most importantly, it added the menacing Revenant to the game’s growing roster. The current season will end on May 5 which is only a few days away now. Here’s everything we know about the next season.


As with previous seasons, fans might not have to wait long before they get access to Apex Legends Season 5. Once the fourth season ends, the fifth season may start at around a day or two.

What’s new?

It has always been that whenever a new season arrives in Apex Legends, players are given map changes and a new legend to play with.

For the legend, fans are expecting it to be none other than Loba. Based on her leaked skill set, it seems like Loba will be the next loot goblin in the game. Aside from helping herself to more attachments, ammo, and healing kits, she can also provide her teammates with the right support as well.

Having her released as the next legend will seem proper considering that she could be the girl found in the trailer for season four which introduced Revenant as a ruthless mercenary. Story-wise, she has a lot of reasons to join Apex Legends as the killer of her parents are in the game as well.

As for map changes, Respawn Entertainment has already begun with their teases and from the look of things, it seems like Titanfall 2 story elements are being integrated into the game once again.

Aside from these, players can also expect a new weapon to be added. Last season introduced the Sentinel sniper rifle. Fans have been longing for a new shotgun for a long time and hopefully, the devs deliver this time around.

Respawn Entertainment also introduces the upcoming Apex Legends Season 5 along with a lot of tweaks. Last season, it even created an entire category of new weapons, which are the Snipers. For now, it seems like some legends are going to get heavy nerfs and buffs as Respawn Entertainment may want to shake up the meta again.

We can expect more teases and details about Apex Legends Season 5 to come directly from Respawn Entertainment in the next following days.

Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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