Apex Legends Season 6: Best new Legends in Boosted Launch

Apex Legends Season 6 is now live, and the new season brings forth a ton of new changes to the battle royale. As usual, the biggest nerfs and buffs are reserved for the Legends themselves.

Respawn Entertainment introduced a ton of new changes with the launch of Apex Legends Season 6. From major changes to King’s Canyon to a new character, there’s a lot for players to dig into this time. Of course, what’s important is that players know which of the Legends are in the meta in Boosted Launch.


Of all the new heroes added to the game, it’s Rampart that has been causing the most trouble at launch so far. It’s not just Shiela – her minigun, that’s causing the trouble though. Many players believe that her Amped Walls are too overpowered.

Rampart’s ultimate ability, tactical ability, and passive make her a formidable hero in the game. Teams almost always have a Rampart as there’s no definite counter to her for now.


The recon class in the game is getting a huge buff. Now, everyone in this class is capable of using survey beacons, which was previously exclusive to Pathfinder. This means that Bloodhound has become an even better scout in the game.

Aside from the ability to use survey beacons this Apex Legends Season 6, Bloodhound also got a few significant buffs. For starters, they are now getting a bigger time bonus when scoring knockdowns while Beast of the Hunt is active. Moreover, Eye of the Allfather activates at a faster and larger rate.

Overall, Bloodhound has become an even better tracker. He’s also now more dangerous than ever, thanks to the buff to his ultimate ability.


Aside from being able to use survey beacons, Crypto can also use his drone to activate the beacons. He can also revive teammates using his drones. This makes Crypto even more useful once he begins activating and using his drone for the team.

The surveillance drone got a health boost, meaning it will take longer to kill. On the other hand, the hitbox has been increased by a bit as well.

Apex Legends Season 6 brought a lot of unanticipated changes to the game. Players will have to adjust themselves to the tweaks as soon as possible. For now, it’s apparent that these Legends are in the new meta, and they can win matches easier.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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