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‘Apex Legends’ season 6 ‘Boosted’ launch trailer is out


Respawn has finally dropped the Apex Legends season 6 trailer. Dubbed “Boosted,” the new season introduces the legend, Rampart, and a whole lot more.

Apex Legends season 6 will arrive this August 18. The season trailer has shown players what to expect in the next season. That being said, expect more teasers and trailers in the coming days.

Rampart and Shiela finally introduced

Several leaks these past few days hinted that the new legend would be Rampart. Previous rumors hinted that Ash from Titanfall 2 might arrive in the battle royale. But that is not the case.

There were clues that a character named “Shiela” will appear as well. However, the trailer only left a cliffhanger on who she is.

Respawn has not yet revealed the tactical abilities of Rampart. Leaks are out, but the developers are known to do the good old “switcharoo.” Until it is official, all details remain as rumors.

However, if true, Rampart has a tactical that creates an “Amped Cover.” The cover serves as a one-way barrier that blocks bullets but amplifies any outgoing shots.

There are three possibilities for her passive. The first one, “Gunner” boosts LMG mag size and reload rate. The second rumor is “Fixer” wherein she can repair any structures. Lastly, “Cover Fire” allows her to amplify damage when firing through a cover.

Her ultimate is possibly called “Emplaced HMG.” It allows Rampart to place a mounted machine gun for anyone to use. The turret takes heavy ammo.

Welcome to World’s Edge version 3

Teasers hinted to a change of map this coming season. However, the trailer has not shown any map clues except for the teased rocket spaceship finally launching.

But, there is still hope that the battle royale will take place in Olympus. The trailer shows that the legends are talking inside a small room. It is possible that the conversation is taking place inside the space ship.

Apex Legends season 6 remains a mystery despite the trailer. It looks like Respawn has prepared a lot of surprises.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends/EA

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