‘Apex Legends’ Season 6 confirms World’s Edge changes

'Apex Legends' Season 6 confirms World's Edge changes

Apex Legends season 6 “Boosted” is three days away. Respawn dropped the gameplay trailer showing the “World’s Edge Fortified” map recently.

Players highly anticipate that Apex Legends season 6 will feature a new map. The season 5 “Broken Ghost” quest and teaser all point out to “Olympus.” However, those teasers might be for season 7.

The Boosted gameplay trailer confirms several map changes. Respawn calls the new map “World’s Edge Fortified.” It is a fitting name considering the number of massive Point of Interest in the map.

New rotations, new hotspots

According to Respawn, the map update was initiated to incorporate “newness” into the game. Thus players will see a lot of layout changes.

These changes are made to change how players rotate. It also allows players to think of different strategies to win games.

“(It) gives the designers an opportunity to improve the overall flow and experience of playing the map, while addressing any pain points we’ve heard from the community,” Respawn said in a statement.

The changes include “Launch Site.” This opens up more rotation in The Dome. It is also the final form of the recent rocket launcher teasers.

Apex Legends season 6 welcomes new Points of Interest

The Drill Site is also gone. It is replaced with The Countdown. The new PoI has three blast walls, large rooms, and a mysterious purpose.

Another huge change is the Staging. Its introduction removes the Mirage Voyage. The new PoI sits around the train tracks making a more viable landing spot.

Other changes include additional geysers and pathways from one place to another. One example is near the Survey Camp. Respawn added a tunnel going from the camp towards Skyhook.

Apex Legends season 6 welcomes a new Legend, Rampart, but bids goodbye to the moving train. The changes may receive mixed reactions. But it makes Boosted more interesting.

Images [1] & [2] used courtesy of Apex Legends/Electronic Arts

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