‘Apex Legends’ Season 6 patch notes are out

Apex Legends Season 6 patch notes are out

Apex Legends season 6 is finally here. It arrived with a lengthy patch note containing all the changes this season.

The hype for the Apex Legends season 6 is mainly because of Rampart. The new legend is bringing her whole new defensive arsenal into the game.

However, there are a lot of changes coming into the game. The patch notes contain all of the buffs, nerfs, and all other changes.

Some legends were buffed, while others are nerfed. But, players should not focus on the Legends alone as the whole game mechanic will undergo a drastic change.

The Respawn developer stream tackled the changes going into the season. They also discussed the rationale behind these changes.

 What are the notable changes this season 6?

Rampart might be the biggest change in the game. But Respawn made a lot of changes in terms of weapons as well.

The R99 is out of the regular loot pool. It is now obtainable through the care packages. However, there is a new gun in town.

Volt is the latest energy SMG introduced into the game. Who knows, it might fill the gap that the r99 left.

There are changes to the Triple Take, Peacekeeper, and Devotion as well. Secondary weapons such as the P2020 do have some changes too.

Players now have the chance to craft weapons and other items in-game.

Crypto, Bloodhound, and Pathfinder will have a major change. Plus, the armors are getting a major overhaul.

The Apex Legends Season 6 is still fresh. But players must expect some playstyle adjustments soon.

Featured image used courtesy of Apex Legends/Twitter

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