‘Apex Legends’ Season 6: Tips for using Rampart

Apex Legends Season 6 just arrived, and players are in for some big changes in the battle royale. Perhaps the biggest game-changer of them all is Rampart, a new hero that’s ready to make her way to the top in the battle royale.

Upon logging in for Apex Legends Season 6, they’ll be able to get Rampart for 12000 Legend Tokens or 600 Apex Coins. The new Legend is expected to shake up the meta drastically. Here are a few tips when playing as her.

Use LMGs

When playing as Rampart, it’s best to find the Devotion, Spitfire, and L-Star. Rampart’s Modded Loader provides her extra ammo capacity for LMGs in the game. This means that she’ll always have the advantage over other players who use other characters equipped with LMGs.

She’ll also have extra ammo when using her Minigun. Her extended ammo capacity will make her the perfect Legend to take out enemy defenses and lead the charge.

Get to the high ground

If she uses her Amped Cover Tactical Ability, Rampart will be able to summon an impenetrable wall. Ducking will give players cover. The upper portion of the wall will give players a damage boost. As such, players will be at a clear advantage if they take the high ground.

This new Tactical Ability is expected to change the meta in Apex Legends Season 6. Instead of becoming aggressive, it’s likely that players will be on the defense instead as they combine Rampart’s walls with Wattson’s fences and pylon. Add Lifeline to the mix that it will be hard to beat combo.

Don’t carelessly place Shiela

Shiela is the name of Rampart’s Minigun. It’s a powerful ultimate ability that can be placed anywhere. The problem is that anyone can also use it, enemies included.

As such, it’s important to place Shiela in a spot where others will find it hard to get to her. It could be on a high ground where a player’s team is camping on. Shiela can deal with massive damage, so it’s a must to be careful where she’s placed as things can go sour quickly when she’s around.

Apex Legends Season 6 is now out. Players can install the update on their respective consoles to get into the action. There’s also a new battle pass for this season, and it’s going to be filled with many new cosmetics to collect. Beyond that, a lot of things have changed in King’s Canyon as well.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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