Apex Legends’ Season 6 trailer reveals who Sheila is

Apex Legends Season 6 trailer reveals who Sheila is

The new Apex Legends season 6 trailer finally answers the question, “Who is Sheila?” The name left players hanging during the “Boosted” launch trailer.

Apex Legends season 6 introduces Rampart as the new Legend. However, during the launch trailer, Rampart mentioned, “Sheila and I are ready to dance, are you?”

The quick dialogue led to speculations that an unreleased character might appear as well. Some guessed that it might be the name of her turret.

The question is finally answered during the gameplay trailer.

Eagle-eyed players spotted Sheila in the trailer. Now, it is a question of “What is Sheila?”

Apex Legends' Season 6 trailer reveals who Sheila is


How do Rampart and Sheila work together?

Rampart’s tactical ability allows her to put up fortified walls. Players can shoot through it, but enemies cannot. There is also rumored bonus damage for any outgoing bullets.

During the trailer, Rampart put up three walls to shield her teammates. This means that she might have a tactical with three charges before it cools down.

It is a mechanic similar to Wattson’s skills, where she can place four fences before cooling down.

The said sequence also unveiled Sheila. Rampart plants a turret for Gibraltar to use. Upon a closer look, the turret has the name “Sheila” engraved on it.

The clip has also revealed the details of her ultimate.

Sheila has 150 rounds of ammunition. It also has a laser pointer for aiming. Rampart personalized Sheila by adding a cute sticker of a pizza and a cat drinking.

The laser pointer of the turret has pros and cons for the player. It allows for more accurate tracking of enemies. However, the laser easily reveals Rampart’s location.

Apex Legends season 6 is approaching quickly. For sure, a lot of players are excited to see Rampart and Sheila in action.

Images used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube Screenshots

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