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‘Apex Legends’ Season 6: Why Rampart will get nerfed quickly


Apex Legends Season 6 will introduce a lot of new features to the battle royale, the most notable of which is Rampart. The new hero is already causing a stir in the community just because of what she brings to the table.

Rampart’s kit in Apex Legends Season 6 promotes a more strategic approach to the battle royale. While her addition does shake up the meta to a new degree, players aren’t exactly happy with the way she works. Will she become the most nerfed Legend in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale?

Why she needs to be nerfed

The biggest concern of players with Rampart is her Tactical Ability, Amped Cover. It’s a wall that’s about the size of each Legend. When placed, it can provide cover for Legends while they are crouching. Moreover, the upper half of the cover can amp the damage of any bullets that goes through it.

Many believe that the ability itself is overpowered and deserves to be nerfed. As per the patch notes, Rampart can place up to five of these covers. Players can easily hold a certain point of the map by surrounding Wattson’s Pylons with Amped Covers and Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps.

The Amped Covers will provide cover and damage boost. On the other hand, the Pylon will give players extra armor regen, as well as cover from throwables and Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimate abilities.

An overpowered hero

To make matters worse, Rampart’s Ultimate ability builds a mounted minigun called Sheila. Despite the great additions, players are concerned about the state of the game in Apex Legends Season 6. There seems to be an imbalance within the heroes, and it’s likely that players are going to see the same tactics through and through.

Currently, the most nerfed hero in the game is Wraith and Pathfinder. The addition of Rampart could change that up pretty quickly. What we do know for now is that players should get the most out of Rampart’s current kit. It’s likely that she will be nerfed in the coming weeks.

Apex Legends Season 6 titled Boosted Launch is already out now. For consoles, the update is around 21 GB while it’s at 40+ GB for the PC. The update will add in many other things, including a new battle pass, changes to World’s Edge, a new weapon, and a ton of notable gameplay tweaks that players should keep in mind.

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