‘Apex Legends’ Season 7: All possible additions to the game

The sixth season of Apex Legends is on its way, and there are only a few more weeks to go before it ends. Now, players and dataminers are looking to dig up what’s coming to Apex Legends Season 7.

Although Apex Legends Season 7 is still weeks away, dataminers are already uncovering what’s potentially coming in the next major update. From new heroes to new features, here are some of the possible essential content coming next season.

Next Legend

As with previous seasons of the game, the biggest addition in season 7 is the new Legend. During this season, it’s Rampart that was added to the game. According to community dataminer Kijanna, the next Legend is Valk, who is also known as Horizon.

Horizon is going to be one of the unique Legends in the game. She has a passive ability called Afterburners, which allows her and her teammates to drop faster when skydiving. Her VTOL Jets tactical ability allows her to hover in the air.

Her ultimate ability is called Skyward for now. The files don’t show what exactly this move does, but it seems like it will allow Horizon and her allies to soar and skydive just like at the beginning of each match.


It is also heavily rumored that Olympus will be coming to Apex Legends Season 7 as a new map. Many fans believed that the new map would have been introduced in the game this season. However, fans got changes to World’s Edge only.

Respawn Entertainment opened up a separate studio that will focus on Apex Legends work. It was then that the rumors appeared that a new map is on the way. Olympus is the home of Octane and Lifeline lore-wise, but it will be exciting to see how it looks once it releases.

New throwable

Shrugtal notes that the next season will introduce a new weapon type – Gadget. These are basically throwables that don’t deal damage but does some other effect instead. For now, it looks like one of the new throwables in the game is a smoke grenade that can obstruct a player’s view.

Players should take these leaks with a grain of salt. There is a chance that Respawn Entertainment is using these as a distraction for what’s really to come in Apex Legends Season 7For now, players should still wait for the official reveals from the developers.

Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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