‘Apex Legends Season 7:’ All weapon changes detailed

Respawn Entertainment’s blockbuster battle royale is going to get a major content update soon with Apex Legends Season 7. Aside from the new content, the upcoming update will also have a ton of weapon changes.

The developers recently revealed the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 7. While players have their eyes set on the new Trident vehicle coming to the game, there are those who’d prefer to check out the new weapon changes in preparation for the next season. Here’s every weapon change in the game.

Care Package weapons

When the new season arrives, the R-99 SMG will be back into the regular rotation and out of the Care Package. When it returns, the weapon will have the same stats as it did before the start of the game’s sixth season.

In replacement of the R-99 is the Prowler which will now be an exclusive Care Package weapon. As a Care Package weapon, the Prowler will have a magazine size of 35 and an ammo of 175. Players can also shift between burst and automatic fire even though the Selectfire Hop-Up will be removed this season.

Fully-Kitted Weapons

Players can now come across new Gold fully-kitted weapons on the map as well. The new weapons entering the rotation is the Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, and Alternator. However, in Apex Legends Season 7, the Devotion, Mastiff, Triple Take, Flatline, and Volt won’t have Gold variants anymore.

The developers have also made some adjustments to some of the weapons included in the Gold variants. The Hemlok, Sentinel, and L-Star will be getting some minor tweaks as well.

New Hop-Up

The Selectfire Reciever hop-up will be gone for the duration of the seventh season. This is just proper considering that the Prowler will become a Care Package weapon now.

As a replacement for the hop-up, Respawn Entertainment will introduce a new one called Quickdraw Holster.

As per the patch notes, “this new hop-up attaches to the RE-45 and Wingman.  When equipped, the gun becomes quicker to raise and lower, takes less time to ADS, and has reduced hipfire spread (particularly when not actively moving).  This should open up new opportunities to use the two weapons, especially in close-quarters combat.”

Apex Legends Season 7 arrives on Nov. 4 across all platforms. The new season introduces a new character – Horizon, to the roster. Moreover, players will be able to enjoy a large new map called Olympus. Just a few more days, and players will get to access these new content.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends

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