‘Apex Legends Season 7:’ Everything players should know Horizon and her skills

Apex Legends Season 7 is just a few days away from releasing and players are excited to get their hands on the new content. Of all that’s coming, players are most likely excited to try out the new Legend, Horizon.

Respawn Entertainment is a few days shy of finally releasing Apex Legends Season 7. Once the new season launches, players will finally get to use the new hero in action which is Horizon. The game’s patch notes recently revealed all of her cool abilities coming to the game.


Horizon’s passive ability is called Spacewalk. Basically, her enhanced suit allows her to have more maneuverability in the air. This is a good passive ability to have especially in maps that have a lot of high ground. Using her ability, Horizon can easily partner up with Octane’s Jump Pad to take out enemies on top of buildings.

It will be easier to aim if players are gliding through the air slowly as compared to falling fast.

Gravity Lift

Horizon’s Tactical Ability in Apex Legends Season 7 is called Gravity Lift. Using this ability, Horizon is able to create a small area that can lift up players into the sky and propel them. This ability can be used offensively and defensively if players are able to master it.

As seen in the trailer, Gravity Lift can also be thrown towards enemies. This can serve as a means to disorient them and take them out mid-air. However, the ability is best used to get to the high ground.

Black Hole

When Horizon uses her Ultimate Ability, she deploys a tiny droid called NEWT. This droid will create a small black hole in an area which will pull in all enemy units near by. While the black hole itself doesn’t do damage,  it can partnered up with other abilities and weapons for maximum effectivity.

Since the black hole pulls in units into a smaller area, Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimate abilities will work well with it. Players can also spam frag grenades, thermites, and arc stars at the location of the black hole. It’s a game-changing ability, but players need to understand that them and their allies can be pulled in as well.

Apex Legends Season 7 arrives in just a few days. Players should grind out their battle passes before the new season arrives. Currently, Respawn Entertainment is holding a special double XP event so players can easily get the chance to catch up on all they missed out on.


Image used courtesy of Apex Legends/YouTube

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